Recital Information

Recital is a fun annual tradition for dancers to show off all their hard work for friends and family in costumes under the stage lights.  All dancers are eligible to participate in the recital.

Each class will have a costume for the recital, but will use the same costume for all the dances for that class.  Most classes will have two dances.  If dancers take multiple classes, they will have multiple costumes.

A costume book will be placed in the lobby with a picture of the costume for your child's class.  Measurements will be taken in class, and costumes will be ordered around the beginning of December.  Costumes must be paid for in full before they can be ordered and this fee cannot be refunded.  The costume fee will include the costume, accessories, recital tights, and pom pons for all jazz/pom combo classes.

Individual recital pictures can be taken at Trotter Photography in the spring on a specified date (TBA) and also at dress rehearsal.  Group pictures will be taken at recital.  A DVD will also be available for purchase.

There is a $60 non-refundable recital fee per family which covers the cost of the theater.  There are no tickets for this performance.

The dress rehearsal is Thursday, May 30th at Lafayette High School.  Each class will be given a dress rehearsal time.

The recital is on Saturday, June 1st at Lafayette High School.  There are two performances.  Some classes will perform in one show, while others will perform at two.

Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance

This is one of the most anticipated traditions in our studio.  Some of our dads have been dancing just as long as their daughters, 10 years or more!  There are three Saturday rehearsals to learn and practice the routine before hitting the stage.  This is a great time to create special memories and connect with your children in a fun, heart-warming way.

The Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance is under the direction of Mrs. B.  There is a $15 participation fee per family.  Parents will be given a specific color outfit to wear while the students are encouraged to wear dress up attire.